This year, we are experimenting with different ways for you to enjoy the content of the conference without looking at a screen, or, at least, being at your desk. We want you to be able to wander around, close your eyes, go outside and listen.

How to enjoy Wavelength Talks

Once you’ve purchased a ticket, click here to access our page of talk videos.

Our website is equipped with a video and audio player that allows you to turn on a video or audio file, and put it in the background so that you don’t have to have your phone on and in front of you, as you listen.

All of the talks have been pre-recorded this year. The videos are being dripped out starting on Friday, September 3, giving you time to digest some of the talks. We have quite a few talks, so take your time. It’s not necessary to listen to every single talk.

Each day, you’ll receive an email from the conference through our mail-list provider, “Active Campaign.” To make sure you receive these emails, please add marlena at appearworks dot com to your contacts to make sure you receive these.


We still need the benefit of connecting with others. Because all of the talks are pre-recorded, the focus of the conference days are panels made of our speakers, focused on different topics based on their talks.

Click here to find out when the panels are happening, who is joining and how to connect.

Take a day or two off of work

If possible, we hope you’ll take some time off of work to slow down and relax with us. Consider this “me” time vs. family time or project time (Cleaning out your closet is not resting!).