Make your zine

It might sound hard, but making a zine can be really easy if you follow the 4 steps.

Step 1 — Fold your zine

You’ll need

  • A sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper
  • A pen/pencil
  • Scissors

Follow the steps in this 10-minute video to fold your zine. You might have to watch a couple of times, most people do.

Step 2 — Use a Zine Template to get going

To help you get your brain going for your zine, we’ve created a few templates to help make the process easier. Use these templates to figure out what you want your content to be. These are just an aid so feel free to change things, mix them up or submit something completely different!

How-to Zine

Learn how to make a zine that teaches people how to do something. Click here to see the template.

Feels zine

Click here to view the template for making a “Feels Zine.”

Faves Zine

Share some of your faves or rant about what’s not your favorite. Click here to see the template to make a “Faves Zine.”

About zine

Share about yourself or something else! Click here to see the template.

Step 3 — Add some fun to your zine

Although we need you to submit your zine in grayscale, there are still plenty of ways to add fun to your zine even if you are not an artist. Some of our favorites are stickers, washi tape or cutting out pieces from old magazines for collage. It’s also ok not to do too much decorating. In the world of zines, everything is ok!

Step 4 — Share your zine

To submit your zine to the Wavelength Zine Exchange

  1. Purchase a Zine Exchange Ticket
  2. Submit your zine on the zine submission page. The email you receive once you sign up also contains a button to “Submit your zine.”

Even if you don’t join our zine exchange, zines set you up for a Twitter thread, an Instagram Story, or even a TikTok! Their bite-sized nature lends well to sharing on social media or photocopying and handing them out to folks.