Have you been at home writing code or working your tech job during the pandemic? Tried to join Zoom conferences but, gag…not more Zoom.Click play to here about Wavelength .The audio player will keep playing even if you turn off the screen, like listening to a podcast.

Join us for a software conference experience with minimal screen-time in mind. Click the playlist button (the music note on the top right) to find out who we are and why this is happening.

Zines for Rejuvenation

Update to Sept. 10:

Career Paths Panel is at 3:30pm PDT

Person listening to a talk
Person sketching their idea


What’s Happening?

Folks who purchase a zine exchange ticket receive zines in the mail and have the opportunity to submit a zine if they wish.

This is our way of getting our conference off of the screen. Zines are informal booklets made from a single page of paper about whatever tech or not tech topic you want. As a self-publishing medium, zines allow you to draw out information you want to share whether that’s a favorite aspect of your favorite programming language or your feelings about building software a particular way. Click here to get started using our “Make a zine,” page

Still curious? We are also sharing content about making zines on the @letssketchtech Instagram page.

Click here to learn how to make a zine.

Purchase a ticket and submit your zine by September 3, 2021 to take part in our zine exchange.

August and September 2021 — Zine Exchange!

Nothing says summer more than getting a packet of zines from a far away friend! We’ll gather up the zines submitted and send out an assortment to conference attendees, that is, folks who purchase a zine exchange ticket. Think of this as an easy to get to know each other better from a distance, without having to look at a screen.

Folks who purchase a “talks only” ticket will have digital access to the zines as will everyone else, but they will not receive a fun packet of zines in the mail.

September — Conference Week & Bonus Workshop

Right before Labor Day, Monday, September 6, we’ll start dripping out video content daily on our web-site. That’s right, all talks are pre-recorded! Watch them when it works for you.

We have a scavenger hunt planned to be sure it’s worth your while to watch through the talks that week.

Live Panels & Watch Parties

It’s not fun to feel like you are at a conference alone, so we’ll have some watch parties set up for the week of the conference to allow attendees a chance to get together in the timezone of their choice.

At the end of the week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we’ll livestream a few panels that include all of speakers. Jump in the chat with other folks who have been watching the talks through out the week.

Giveaways and Bonuses

Folks who purchase a ticket to the conference AND submit a zine before July 31, 2021 AUGUST 9, 2021 (that’s right THERE’S STILL TIME!!!) get a free sketch-it kit.

The first 15 people who purchase their conference ticket unlock access to a September Workshop.

Because you need a break!

Did we mention, we think you need a break from working!! U.S. Labor day is happening on Monday, September 6 this year. We hope that all attendees consider taking at least Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if not the entire week. This year’s conference format is specifically designed to give you a break from looking at a screen for hours.

Wavelength is an Appear Works event and requires all attendees of all parts of the zine exchange and conference to abide by the Appear Works Code of Conduct.